Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Magazines

Year end is quickly approaching.    Do you know if you have frequent flier miles expiring in the very near horizon?   There is a website called Magazines for Miles that  invites frequent flyer members to redeem their unused, orphan, or expiring miles for popular magazines. This is due to a unique relationship between Time Inc., and most of the major airlines.

As we move toward the digital age, I think that Time is very interested in bolstering their subscription numbers in order to maintain their advertising revenue.  This coordination between the airlines and Time Inc., helps this process.  
Let's use this for our benefit as well.

Some of the great Free Magazines currently being offered are:
Barrons - 1,200 miles           Bloomberg Business - 1,600 miles           
Bon Appetit - 600 Miles        Money - 800 miles
Details - 500 mile                 Garden & Gun - 800 Miles
Health -  500 miles               Sports Illustrated - 1,500 miles    
GQ - 600 miles                     Glamour - 600 miles
Economist - 2,100 miles       The Atlantic - 400 miles                                   
There are many more on this list....

The current partner airlines are:  Alaska Airlines,  American Airlines Continental AirlinesDelta Air Lines (now includes Northwest Airlines), Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Midwest Airlines, US Airways, and United Airlines

Magazine Subscriptions - Free

If you are interested in purchasing magazines for great prices and constant promotions, 
check out the Amazon Magazine Store.  
They have just about every magazine under the sun that is not included in the above promotion. 

*****OK..Here is an additional deal that was just bought to my attention.  There are tons and tons of free trade magazines out there for every industry.  Check out:

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