Saturday, December 18, 2010

Online Rebates

If you shop online the below information is a must.  
Membership on these sites is free and easy and many even offer bonuses just for signing up. 

Find your favorite stores and shop.
Coupons and Cash Back are then applied automatically.

No forms or rebates to ever fill out.  It really couldn't be easier.
I love to shop online too.  In the past,  I would google "coupon codes" for the best deals and always wind up on the sames sites and find great codes that save me lots of money.    But I want more.   Don't you?  How about free access to sites that actually give the coupons and the rebates ranging from 1%-50%.

Here are some personal examples....

  • I buy deals on Groupon and BuyWithMe and am happy with the deals.  How about an extra 3% off Groupon and 5.5% off at BuyWithMe   That makes me happier to get some local deals!!!!!
  • I find awesome deals on Ebay....but how about that extra step for an extra 3-7% in Cash rebates on top of your Ebay Bucks?   What do you collect?  Coins?  Cards? Legos? Lint?  Doritos shaped like Obama?  
Check out the below sites for deals on hundreds of your favorite online shopping venues.    Most of my experience lies with Ebates.   Happy Shopping!!!!!
Some of the other sites as noted in the first post have rebate opportunities with Groupon as well. Here they are:

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